Guinea Hogs

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DSC_0901Perhaps the original homestead hog, AGHs (American Guinea Hogs) are a small breed that will grow to about 200-300 pounds at maturity (2-3 years of age). Typically these hogs are butchered at 7-8 months of age and have a hanging weight of around 75-80 pounds. Guineas are known as lard hogs and naturally produce a fair amount of fat on their carcass. Their meat is marbled throughout with plenty of back fat to spare. American Guinea Hogs are excellent foragers, and can often find much of their own food when given good pastures or woodlands to roam. Their small size and gentle nature also make them excellent for garden clean up in autumn or keeping an orchard floor clean after a windfall. Guinea sows are good mothers, and are gentle and easy for farmers to work with. They are still protective of their young, but if your sow is well socialized and friendly you can generally handle and help care for her piglets. Generally, litter size varies, but a good average number is around 6 – 8 piglets.


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