Our logo

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So when creating our logo I wanted to convey a few things that I felt were important about our business. First it needed to show a little bit of our quirky character, which is shown in the big smile of … Continued

Guinea Hogs vs Kunekune Part 2

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Piglets: Guinea piglets scream bloody murder when you pick them up. When I say bloody murder I mean the first thought in your head will be to put them down immediately so that ringing in your head will stop. Kunekune … Continued

Guinea Hogs vs Kunekune Part 1

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American Guinea hogs vs Kunekune. After owning both for awhile now here is my breakdown between the 2. Temperament: Guinea hogs are friendly compared to your traditional commercial sized pig. However nothing beats the Kunekune when it comes to having … Continued

Guinea Hogs

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Perhaps the original homestead hog, AGHs (American Guinea Hogs) are a small breed that will grow to about 200-300 pounds at maturity (2-3 years of age). Typically these hogs are butchered at 7-8 months of age and have a hanging … Continued