A New Pig Paddock: Hog Heaven

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Pig paddockLast week we worked nonstop to complete the fencing for the new pen before the guys headed north to move mom and Grandma down to Sweet Home Alabama permanently. The new pen is fantastic. We dug out a large hole that has collected enough rainwater over the summer to be a perfect-sized pond for the pigs to cool down and play in.

The untouched and overgrown terrain of the back end of the property is a plentiful feast for the animals. There arelarge Oak trees, poplar trees, sweet-gum trees, grasses and wild blackberries growing wild. We planted some Jerusalem artichokes, mulberry trees and chestnut trees as well as winter grasses such as hairy vetch, rye, clover, legumes, millet and sod buster radish. The sod buster is a very specialty item. We chose those to help loosen the soil as well as bring some of the nutrients up to the surface for the grasses. We have tried to plant some rape seed but the organic content of our soil is so low, that they eventually die.



Moose the Boar, Squishy, Skunk and the Guinea Hogs are the lucky piggies to get first dibs in the new pen, and of course Miss Rosie is there to keep her ever-watchful eye out for predators

The hogs are in heaven! Here are some pictures of the new pen that has been added into our rotation!

kunekune boarsawgrass pondback-paddock2