DSC_0956Our evolving farm is located north of Shoals Creek in beautiful Florence, Alabama. Natives of the west coast, our family relocated to Alabama to pursue a dream of a more quiet and sustainable life. After two diagnoses of autoimmune and neurological disease within our family, we decided to strive for a more natural diet free of pesticides, additives and GMOs. Initially, our farm was set up to provide food for just our family, but after much interest from our friends, family and community concerning our choices of livestock, farming methods and sustainability, we decided to open up our farm to all who are interested and create a small business. We are always learning about new breeds and farming methodologies. Currently, we raise heritage breed hogs, chickens and ducks using pastured practices to provide a source of sustainable and local food for the community. Be sure to check out our For Sale page to see available livestock. If you have questions about our farm, please contact us! We love to share our ideas and hear from others who are into sustainable food. Our happy hogs love visitors, so come see us – just don’t forget the treats!