DSC_0956Hog on the range is a small scale 17 acre hog farm, specializing in small scale hogs, ducks and orchards. They use non gmo products and this is their story.

For the Strayhorn’s farming was not something that was passed down from generation to generation. Hog on the range was something that grew from a hobby into something purposeful and nature-inspired.

It originally started when the family wanted to be closer together, and they  purchased the farm. Each family member at hog on the range chose niches that they each loved from from pigs to chickens, mini cows, ducks and even fruit trees. Each of these things play an important role on the farm, but the most important part of these is how they balance each other out.

I bet you’re wondering how this actually works on a farm. One of the biggest things on the farm is how nature guides them. Originally they started with pigs, chickens and ducks, and now they have a plethora of different types of trees. Each of these, they say was chosen for their success within their growing zone within Alabama. For example they tried peaches but realized that they need excessive care and spraying of different types of pesticides, which require more time, money, and things that aren’t always as good for us.  However when they started looking over their farm they realize they had naturally occurring persimmon trees as well as pear trees.

Now they have a wide variety of each including their favorites the asian pear. They also have persimmon, Pawpaw, mulberries, figs , apples (although these take a bit extra care), and a few nut trees. These all require very minimal spraying if at all. The biggest benefit of all these trees is how they produce an annual crop for harvesting as well as livestock feed. By allowing the chickens and ducks to free range around the trees they have better quality eggs and are fed by the dropped fruit.

One of the farms staples are the pigs. The pigs are some of their favorite livestock. They have been crossed to ensure the most beneficial pasture genetics they’ve been able to find. Their feed consist of non GMO grains, as much pasture as they can get, and a few extras from around the house.

This year they also built a greenhouse and planted garlic and shallots (a brother to the onion family). So if you’re looking for quality non gmo pork, trees that you know will grow in your area, or just simple advice on how you can be more successful on your farm check out hog on the range.