Garlic and Soil

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Have you have ever wondered what can your garden do throughout the dead of winter? BULBS! Things like onions, garlic, shallots, and green onions. You plant them just about this time of year, they will blossom, then continue to grow … Continued

Revelation in Getting it Done

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Over the past few years in running a farm there have been days i have been very hesitant in proceeding with a project due to a number of factors. Sometimes its physical, sometimes monetary, but most of the time if … Continued

Can pigs graze? Are you crazy?

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So can pigs graze? Atypically people look at grazing animals as cows which are ruminants. From this point we need to assume a few things. Below is basically a compilation of some of my research of some very well known … Continued

Easy Compost

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  So I love compost, and I love creating it. However for some it can get a bit daunting due to it being a bit unsuccessful, stinky, a mess or taking too long. To start off you need something organic … Continued

A New Pig Paddock: Hog Heaven

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Last week we worked nonstop to complete the fencing for the new pen before the guys headed north to move mom and Grandma down to Sweet Home Alabama permanently. The new pen is fantastic. We dug out a large hole … Continued

Simply Southern Comes to Hog on the Range

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Lights, camera, action! Earlier this week, our pigs received some exciting visitors. The Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc ., a regional federated supply and marketing agricultural cooperative, providing farmers in the state of Alabama a full range of agricultural supplies and … Continued

Black soldier flies: part 2

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Ok, so I needed a new plan to solve some problems. Stink, heat, and more worms. I worked on some new designs and came up with the one below. It did not really solve the stink problem, or heat but … Continued

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