What is Permaculture?

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What is permaculture? Most people do not have any idea about permaculture, if they do, they are quick to envision an off-the-grid enthusiast hooking solar panels to chicken coops. Actually, permaculture is the philosophy of working with, rather than against … Continued

Our Blue Copper Marans

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Recently we purchased 20 blue copper maran hatchlings. They were actually a mix of quite a few different types of maran. From black copper marans, to blue and even some cuckoo marans, We even got a white one. Which i … Continued

Upcoming articles

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Here are some of the articles we are working on.   Using a pto auger on a tractor Keying a fence post instead of using cement Types of fencing for hogs and other livestock chirt vs green grass Amending my … Continued

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