Garlic and Soil

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garlicHave you have ever wondered what can your garden do throughout the dead of winter? BULBS! Things like onions, garlic, shallots, and green onions. You plant them just about this time of year, they will blossom, then continue to grow throughout winter and into the start of the next season. This year we have chosen garlic. Why you ask…cause we love garlic, I eat it on everything! It also pairs well with our sauteed chops.

So in preparation for this years garlic we are building our boxes this week, as well as building our soil. Yep BUILDING OUR SOIL! From what? We do lots and lots of composting. Currently I have 4 different piles going. They total probably over 50 cubic yards and could cover the inside of a baseball diamond 1 inch thick 3 times! So how do I build Soil. There are lots of tricks and tips do this. But here are a few things to consider, start with amazing compost, then consider drainage, aeration, micro nutrients, bio-availability, soil compaction, and water retention. Yikes that’s a mouthful. If your interested in learning in a bit more in a hands on environment, feel free to contact me and we can meet at the farm and learn about what I’m doing here on the range.

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