Guinea Hogs vs Kunekune Part 1

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American Guinea hogs vs Kunekune. After owning both for awhile now here is my breakdown between the 2.

Guinea hogs are friendly compared to your traditional commercial sized pig. However nothing beats the Kunekune when it comes to having a buddy out in the field. Guineas will run to you, hoping you have food and if you don’t, loose interest unless they are one of the ones that like affection or who have been handled excessively. Kunekune will see you then slowly mosey on over, then within a few minutes you have all the Kunes surrounding you waiting for their turn with the ear scratches. To sum it up, I love the Kunekune temperament 10x over.

Guineas are more vocal and can sometimes get a bit irate at feeding time, and can get irate if you feed the chickens before the pigs. They will also scream bloody murder if you pick them up. When handling the piglets, its like an alarm goes off, that say put me down…NOW!

Voracious about food:
Guineas loose their charm when you have food in your hand. I have owned several breeding pair, and only one did not try to strip the bucket out of my hand with prejudice. The Kunekune on the other hand may try, but they are a bit more patient about it. and you can push them out of the way if need be.

Kunekune fur is a bit softer as well as a bit more visually appealing. They also have more of it which tends to give them that added cover when it comes to getting too much sun. Guineas are black and have very very coarse hair, and don’t have a lot. You can actually see their skin. So both tend be survive in both cold and heat, but my vote is on kunekune. They are less likely to get burnt in the summer, and have that little bit extra to keep them warm in the winter.

Guinea Hog Back
Kune Back
Kune Back Orange









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