Our logo

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So when creating our logo I wanted to convey a few things that I felt were important about our business. First it needed to show a little bit of our quirky character, which is shown in the big smile of our pig. It also needed to show what kind of pigs that we sell. Currently we have several breeds, but our favorite is the kunekune do to its wonderful personality. The other important aspect we wanted to show was in the name and the icon. It was the range. Although not very obvious the skillet is on the range (grass). This has a double meaning, the range being pastured raised on the range, as well showing that they are great on the stove top range. So I’m sure your wondering why are they great on the range. This just points to its ability to be raised to a market weight on just pasture, and still be considered excellent food. The meat is well marbled and light years above any traditional restaurant cuts as well as any traditional market cuts. When we get some available for butcher we welcome anyone to come participate in this. stay tuned for an event in the future.