Is your dream to become a farmer? Do you want to learn about sustainable farming? Do you want to know how to create more from nothing? Have you wanted to do it raising pigs? Do you want to teach your children a bit about the responsibility of raising animals? Visit us at hog on the range for an opportunity to see how its done.









Things you will learn:


Raising pigs for profit utilizing non-gmo feeds and practices.
Learn about several breeds of pigs.
Breeding pigs vs feeder pigs.
How to pick the best breed of pig for your family.
How to identify exceptional breeding stock.
How to listen to your animals and try to identify their needs.
Fencing, and how to train pigs for electric.
feeding your Fields to increase yields.
Native weeds and grasses.
Black soldier fly larvae composting and feed.
How to visit a farm and choose quality pigs to minimize risk.
Building for dual purpose.
Dealing with heat and cold, and how that affects your pigs.
Increase bioavailablity using fermentation to decrease feed costs.
Farrowing issues and what to do.
worming and preventative care.


Creating additional income from what you already have (in regards to farming).
Get insider information on how to help sell your products.


How to build a hugeltculture.
Cultivating mushrooms.
Native grasses.
Native trees.
Choosing and planting trees.
Making compost tea.
Soil regeneration.
Building biomass.
Utilizing your properties different ecological systems.
Utilizing compost/woodchips to increase your gardens production.
Water harvesting.


What is included:

2 nights stay in a several person new-model RV. It includes one double traditional mattress and one pull out single bed. RV has electric, air conditioning and running water as well as a DVD player, TV, stove, sink, and bathroom. If you prefer camping you may set up a tent or you can use our tree house.

What you will leave with:
A plan on what you can do to start moving forward.
Access to an open line of communication whenever you have questions, ideas or successes.
25% discount on any animals from our farm.


Things you can do on your free time at the farm:

Catch fish from our stocked pond.
Get to know some of our pigs a bit better.
Harvest eggs
Meet our mini donkey
Forage for mushrooms
Explore the Shoals area and its great culture!

This course is meant to be a one on one course to help you really understand the details. Please include your best source of contact (phone/email etc), and the dates you are considering.

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