Revelation in Getting it Done

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Over the past few years in running a farm there have been days i have been very hesitant in proceeding with a project due to a number of factors. Sometimes its physical, sometimes monetary, but most of the time if its something new i simply come across a holding pattern. What is this indescribable force that has me procrastinating and not pushing forward. I think i have it figured out.

I have several friends who are also in the farming community. I ask them about different situations and get their opinions and expertise. Sometimes I go to them or other paid specialists for hands on learning. I have found that this hands on learning is invaluable. But I also have come across something that remains consistent. Its not the actual skill that im being taught that I have found to be most helpful. It’s the human to human contact and motivation to actually do it. Most things can be learned and researched in many locations and its just the actual tipping point of doing it that I have found the mentors to help with. Now they may have a few niche tricks that help, but overall I have found that it’s the simple motivation, the monkey see, monkey do, that gets it done. I personally am trying to work towards trying to escape this model and just do it.

At this point im sure your asking…huh? What do I mean by all of this, well there is no good reason to wait. Start small, make small mistakes and proceed to just get it done.

Now for my favorite quote.
can do